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         If you have a particular interest in a certain deity or mandala that is not currently available, by emailing a description of what you would like, we can have it painted upon your request.  Time of delivery greatly depends upon the request as fine quality thankas can sometimes take up to two months to complete.  We want to be sure of your satisfaction so do not hesitate to contact us for any thanka that is not available at the moment.  We have the services of over eighty artists available to ensure that any request will be fulfilled.  Cost and time needed is based on an individual thanka basis, but the finest quality thanka is guaranteed for those paintings currently available and those that might be ordered.  Please feel free to contact us even if your interest in a custom thanka is curiosity, we look forward to offering you as much information on thankas as we possibly can regardless of whether you purchase thankas from us or not.  Any learning is beneficial to all, so we greatly encourage questions and comments, just send us a note with your name and your email address.


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