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Vadjra Mandala


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The mandala (tib. Kyilokor) is a geometrical design used for the aid of visualization during meditations.  There are a wide variety of mandalas ranging from those that represent the history of time, to those that offer tantric designs for the aid of visualizations.  Having a circle as the main theme, the mandala incorporates many shapes and colors each with specific significance for the practitioner's advancement along the path towards nirvana. 

This mandala has a vadjra (dorje) as its central theme.  The vadjra is depicted in the center, as the symbol of emptiness and power.   Surrounding the vadjra are the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism: the wheel of the Dharma, the right turning conch shell, the parasol, the endless knot, the victory sign, the vase, the golden fish, and the lotus blossom.  Found within the geometric design are small creatures charged with duty of being Dharmapalas, or Dharma protectors.   


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