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Vadjra Yogini


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Vadjra Yogini (tib. Dorje Nalijorma) is the female manifestation of power or means; the essence of the void, symbolized by a vadjra (dorje).  The great master Naropa is said to have held counsel with a dakini named Vadjra Yogini.  She is part of the dakini (goddess) host that is instrumental in bringing about torma, or discovered teachings. 

Vadjra Yogini is red in color and holds in her left hand a skull cup filled with blood from which she drinks.  In her right hand she holds the curved vadjra knife, and resting over her left shoulder is a tantric staff symbolizing the essence of bliss.  She has a third eye on her forehead and around her neck she wears a garland of fifty-one human skulls.  This particular piece done in the Newari style has her in bow-arrow stance with one leg up and standing on a corpse with the other.  Other times she is seen with both legs on the ground, standing in the Hindu gods Bhairava and his consort. 


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