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all thankas are framed in fine antique brocade unless otherwise specified


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Name                                                                                           Price (usd)


sakyamuni buddha                                                                               120
medicine buddha sold
white tara 120
white tara sold
green tara 175
avalokatesvara   (4 armed chen rezi) sold
manjushri sold
guru rinpoche with manjushri and sakya pandita host 220
kalacakra in yabyum with vishwamati 370
vadjra yogini  newari style 140
saraswatti newari style sold
vadjraharra in yabyum with sakti 155
vadjra mandala 170
3 cricle Buddha meditation mandala depicting scenes from his life 120
vadjrasattva in yabyum with sakti newari style 130
manjushri in center of his mandala sold
maitreya sold
vadjrasattva in yabyum with consort sold
guru rinpoche (without brocade) sold
saraswatti (without brocade) sold
kalacakra mandala sold
vadjra yogini newari style  (without brocade) sold
manjushri sold
yabyum mandala  (without brocade) sold
prices subject to change



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