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Vadjraharra in Yabyum with Sakti


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Vadjraharra (tib. Dorje Chang) is the anthropomorphic form of the infinite and self-existent Buddha, Adibuddha.  Vadjraharra is a manifestation of the Buddha-essence that is infinite, and that connects all sentient beings, as well as all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas.  The Swayambunath stupa in Kathmandu is dedicated to the infinite that Vadjraharra represents.  He holds a vadjra (dorje) in his right hand and the bell in his left, the two symbol that when used together, symbolize the unity of all beings and the eventual non-duality of the Buddha's reality.

Vadjraharra is sitting in the dhyan asana, or meditative pose.  His legs are crossed in front of his chest, while his two hands hold the vadjra (dorje) and the bell.  Depicted here in yabyum with his consort Sakti, they are the symbol of the ultimate reality of unity and non-duality.


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