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Manjushri in his Mandala


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The mandala (tib. Kyilokor) is a geometrical design used for the aid of visualization during meditations.  There are a wide variety of mandalas ranging from those that represent the history of time, to those that offer tantric designs for the aid of visualizations.  Having a circle as the main theme, the mandala incorporates many shapes and colors each with specific significance for the practitioner's advancement along the path towards nirvana. 

Manjushri (tib. Jambelyang) is the bodhisattva of wisdom, one of the three pillars of attaining enlightenment.  Portrayed as a young man golden in color, his most distinctive feature is the flaming sword that he holds up in his right hand, which he uses to cut through ignorance and the obstacles in the way of reaching nirvana.  Over his left shoulder upon a lotus blossom rests the prajnaparamita, the scripture of perfected wisdom.

This piece shows Manjushri in the center of his mandala with his sword raised above his right shoulder.  This mandala serves both the purpose of a visualization aid for the practionner, and the abode of Manjushri.  This painting shows perfect wisdom in geometrical design and anthropomorphic form together, framed by the beautiful dragons that protect it.


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