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     Avalokatesvara (tib. Chenrezi) is seated upon a lotus blossom in four-armed form.  In two of his arms he holds a wish fulfilling jewel, while the right holds malla beads and the left holds a lotus bloom.  Avalokatesvara is positioned in the dhyanasana meditative position with his legs locked, upon his seat, a lotus that is in the Buddha field of eternal illumination.  The Buddha of the Infinite and longevity, Amitayus is seated above the crown of Avalokatesvara's head. 

     Avalokatesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion is the most popular bodhisattva, whose devotees are spread throughout all of the Tibetan/Vadjrayana Buddhist world.  As the Bodhisattva of compassion, his charge is to look after the well fare of all sentient beings.   Avalokatesvara has many manifestations that portray him performing such a powerful task.  One form of Avalokatesvara has thirteen heads and one-thousand arms with one eye in each of his palms to watch over all those who need him. 

    As the means by which enlightenment is attained, compassion is one of the essential parts along one's path towards nirvana.  Represented as Avalokatesvara, compassion is often seen together with the two other aspects needed for enlightenment, wisdom (Manjushri) and power (Vadjra Pani).  Along with these other two aspects, compassion is honored as a fundamental aspect of a perfected enlightened being.  



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