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Circle Mandala


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The mandala (tib. Kyilokor) is a geometrical design used for the aid of visualization during meditations.  There are a wide variety of mandalas ranging from those that represent the history of time, to those that offer tantric designs for the aid of visualizations.  Having a circle as the main theme, the mandala incorporates many shapes and colors each with specific significance for the practitioner's advancement along the path towards nirvana.

This mandala depicts the Jataka, or tales from the Buddha's life.  Scenes from Sakyamuni's life can be found throughout the piece such as his birth under a tree with his mother holding onto a branch that the tree lowered for her comfort.  Depictions of the Buddha attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi tree can be seen as well as his conquering the evil forces that serve as the border for the piece.  In the center stands three circles of outlined by Buddhas teaching.   This geometrical design is for the aid of the practitioner's visualization practice during meditation.  


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