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Guru Rinpoche


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Guru Rinpoche (tib. Padmasambhava) is often considered second only to the Buddha in importance regarding the spread and preservation of Buddhism.  Credited with subduing the demons in Tibet so that Buddhism can have a secure place, Guru Rinpoche is celebrated as the one who insured the safety of Buddhism throughout all of Tibet. 

The absolute tantric master, Guru Rinpoche (precious teacher) was born out of a lotus blossom.  Known as a great master, he was invited by King Trisong Detsen to rid Tibet of its harsh demons and spirits to make a suitable environment for the continuation of Buddhism in Tibet.  Guru Rinpoche won the respect and love of Tibetans by subduing the wrathful forces that inhabit Tibet into working for the protection of Buddhism and Buddhists throughout all of Tibet.  Upon performing certain rituals including some fire offerings, the name of Guru Rinpoche is called to remind the spirits of their oath to aid the interests of Buddhism.  Certain meditations visualize the presence, and if the practitioner is a great master the manifestation of Guru Rinpoche to subdue the evil forces that can stand as obstacles in the way of achieving nirvana.


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