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Maitreya (tib. Namdren Mapham) is the Buddha yet to be.  Residing in his heaven, Tushita (Garden of Joy), he awaits for the right moment when he descend from heaven and end the suffering for all sentient beings,  Most believe that the time of Maitreya is around five-thousand years after Sakyamuni Buddha's death.  Devotees await for the glorious coming of Maitreya to when the dark age will pass and suffering will cease.  His popularity so great that the great Mulam in Nepal festival ends with an image of Maitreya being paraded around the Boudhanath stupa, as people through offerings to celebrate the hope of salvation in the future.

Maitreya is depicted as a bodhisattva seated on a throne.  At the crown of his head sits a golden stupa.  As Maitreya sits in the teaching position.  his legs are interlocked while dangling under him.  Over his left shoulder is a magical vase, while over his right shoulder sits a Nagkesvara flower.



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